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In Utah, medical cannabis is present to patients with qualifying conditions as designated by Proposition 2. Recreational-use cannabis remains unlawful, and control of lower amounts may bring about unlawful charges.

Legislation History

Utah voters have actually expanded usage of cannabis that are medical. On Nov. 6, 2018, Utahns authorized Proposition 2, allowing clients to acquire and employ marijuana that is medical.

Moreover it permits the creation of state-licensed facilities to cultivate, procedure, test, or sell cannabis for medicinal purposes and regulates those facilities, such as using electronic systems to trace cannabis stock and acquisitions, restricting certain product kinds, and imposing requirements and restrictions on packages and ads.

Appropriate defenses under Proposition 2 Utah took effect Dec. 1, 2018, but a lot of what exactly is outlined within the proposition — such as for instance issuing cards to dispensaries that are licensing won’t succeed until 2020.

The fervor generated by Proposition 2 Utah prompted Republican Gov. Gary Herbert, the Utah Legislature, and proposition proponents and opponents — including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest religious community in the state — to craft a compromise cannabis law regardless of whether Proposition 2 passed in the weeks leading to Election Day.

The compromise bill required relaxing medical cannabis card renewal demands, tightening qualifications for who is able to be considered a caregiver or guardian, providing work protections for clients, and managing just exactly how medical cannabis could be consumed. The Legislature passed the compromise bill Dec. 3 2018, and Herbert signed it the day that is same.

Before the passage through of the modified Proposition 2 Utah , Herbert finalized HB 105 in March 2014, amending Utah’s Code related to Hemp. Continue reading

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